looking for a fic

  • Avengers
  • post NY battle
  • they lost
  • everyone is brainwashed except for the resistance, and they have to fake it when they go out
  • first chapter is Tony out grocery shopping then going back to the hideout
  • fic’s summary says eventually someone comes across Loki and he’s a prisoner of Thanos/the chitauri

So now I have an even more useless computer. I have Windows 7 starter system, which means that every single program on here is the trial version. My Dad’s never wanted to pay for the real thing. Not when I first got my computer back in 2010, not when it crashed 2 years ago, and not when I had to get it restored after dropping it last year, and sure as hell not now. So now, the trial time is up, which means if I don’t enter the product key it’s asking for, all the functions in all the Microsoft Office programs are locked. Which means you can’t do anything in them once you open it. No typing a new document. All the documents already there are read-only, no editing. But product keys cost.

The cost for the product key for a 7 year old package is $99. I’m 26 and unemployed with various mental health issues.

So basically the only things that work are the music players (iTunes and Windows media player), that old pinball game I downloaded, and the internet. 

Suicides go up every time a celebrity commits. If you’re thinking of committing, or even self harming yourself, please give these sites a look and numbers a call. We’ll feel for you, how we feel for them.

update: Mom cockblocked (sharkblocked?) me

at 8:05pm and decided now was a great time to nag me into making the seafood salad (elbow mac, crab meat, teeny tiny shrimp) that was supposed to go with the barbecue that she talked about doing today 3 days ago but when I asked her if she still wanted to do it her response was to fall asleep on the couch instead of asking at any time during the 5 hours I’d been downstairs earlier this afternoon then I was making the salad working around Dad who decided he had to use the above-oven microwave right that second and has a nasty habit of never closing the microwave when he’s done so the door is open right over the boiling pot that I’m supposed to be stirring and Mom’s right on my heels complaining about what I did wrong the whole time and God forbid I have any answer to any of this other than *manic happy face willing to follow orders at any given time* and no of course she couldn’t be arsed to turn to Discovery Channel while I was down there because *I’m the only one who likes that stuff and I can watch it on my own time on my tv in my room cause she’s watching 99 reruns on HGTV* but she can say “oh I’m missing another show that I like to watch” honey you couldn’t pay me to care any less about what shows you’re missing right now and then my Dad has the nerve to ask me what the sharks were doing on my shows it took everything I had to say “I don’t know” and leave it at that so now I’m in a bubble bath trying to write and bathe my stress annoyance irritation (heck ALL OF THE ABOVE) away.